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Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease experience uremic pruritus (severe itching) due to excessive urea in the blood. Providence Hospital offers disease-free skin using light-source treatment. For a disease-free skin, you may consult us at 558-6999 ext. 623, 625, 629.

I am Autism: The truth about Autism April 2 was designated as the “World Autism Awareness Day” by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize and understand people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To share insights about this disorder, Providence Hospital conducted a forum entitled “I am Autism: The truth about Autism” which was delivered by…

High blood pressure may go undetected because some people with hypertension do not show any signs\symtoms. Uncontrolled hypertension increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. Consult your physician to check if you have high blood pressure. For an appointment, please call our OPD at 558-6999 local 623 or 0917-6320378.


For emergency cases        +(02) 558-6999 (Ext.) 123