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Frequent Asked Question about COVID-19 Pandemic Source: World Health Organization   What is a coronavirus and COVID-19? Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East…

Providence Hospital continues to provide advanced cardiac care to patients. Along with cardiac catheterization facilities, we are now giving more options treating with its open-heart surgery procedure. The hospital houses a team of competent cardiologist and thoracic cardiovascular surgeons, cardiovascular anesthesiologists and cardiac critical care intensivist who are locally trained in the Philippine Heart Center…

Are you experiencing? Muscle Ache Shooting/Stabbing pain Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing or walking? In celebration of Bone and Joint Awareness week, Providence Hospital is offering a 10% discount off on bone and joints Xrays from October 1, 2019, to October 31, 2019. For inquiries, please call the Radiology Department at 8-558-6999 ext….


For emergency cases        +(02) 8-558-6999 (Ext.) 123